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Living in community is difficult. The commandments given in the Old Testament are a good starting point, but Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:21-37 that God's desire for relationships goes deeper than what the law requires. Listen to this week's sermon from Rev. Dr. Tina Hosler as she unpacks this text.

We'd be much more comfortable living in the past, bemoaning the present darkness. But this week's sermon from Matthew 5:13-20 challenges us to be salt and light, a powerful public witness.

Listen to Rev. Dr. Tina Hosler's sermon on The Beatitudes, from Matthew 5:1–12.

Listen to Rev. Tara Fanton's final sermon as Assistant Pastor as she encourages the church to be united in serving Jesus.

Listen to this week's sermon from John 1:29–42.

Hear this week's message from Rev. Dr. Tina Hosler based on Matthew 3:13-17, the Baptism of Jesus. In his baptism, Jesus takes on our sin. What do we take on when we profess those vows for ourselves and our children?

In the Beginning

Listen to this week's sermon from John 1:1–18 and Genesis 1 as we begin the new year and consider the coming of the "Word made flesh."

Our Outreach Director, Joel Peterson, offers this challenging word from Matthew 2 and the story of Herod's slaughter of the innocents, calling back to mind the struggle of the Israelites in Egypt. The gift of Jesus brings its fair share of difficulties. Will we return the gift or trust the God of deliverance through faith?

Faithful Joseph

What can we learn from Mary's fiancé, who was given some shocking news and asked to trust in faith? Hear this week's sermon from Rev. Dr. Tina Hosler on Matthew 1:18-25.

A Desert in Bloom

Listen as Pastor Tina and our church officers talk about our vision for the next year, drawing on lectionary readings from Isaiah 35:1-10 and James 5:7-10.

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